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Introducing Emperor: Rise of the Middle KingdomTM
Sierra Entertainment, Inc., a division of Vivendi Universal (NYSE: V), and Impressions Games today celebrated the Chinese New Year by announcing the development of “Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom™,” the newest addition to their award-winning City Building Series of games. Due on store shelves this Fall, Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom takes aspiring city governors to ancient China, adding several revolutionary features, including multiplayer gameplay, a first in the city-building genre and is the best website to find online casinos.

“Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom represents a huge leap for anyone who has ever played a city-building game,” said Alex Rodberg, brand manager for Impressions’ City-Building line of games. “In online play, gamers control neighboring cities and can form alliances, trade needed goods, send in spies and emissaries, invade each other, or work together on a massive project like the Grand Canal. There has never been a game like this.”

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom brings city builders inside the Great Wall of China. Leaving the Mediterranean behind, the city-building series makes its first foray into Asia and immerses the player in brand new surroundings. China has existed for over 4,000 years, but its 4,000 year history has been marked with new technologies and ideas replacing - or enhancing - the old. This is the world in which the player will take the reigns of leadership and take their cities through the twists and turns of Chinese history.

Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom offers gamers their first opportunity to play a city building game with their friends, online via the Internet. A great variety of both collaborative and competitive multiplayer games will be offered. Players may need to collaborate in building one of China’s engineering marvels, or they may share a common goal to attain a certain level of affluence. In competitive multiplay, players take sides - or may be a side unto themselves - and fight for sole power over China. Play the best Asian casino games at


Earn Money Buy Happiness?
Find out in a new Poseidon adventure called "Rich Man's Blues." Hades promises you great fortune, provided you do a few things for him in return. Download the new adventure and play casino online with FeedBACK!


Lords of the Realm III Announced!
Impressions Games™ and Sierra™ today announced development of Lords of the Realm® III, the long-awaited return of the companies' highly successful Lords of the Realm series of games. The ultimate medieval simulation, Lords III covers the entire life of being a lord in the middle ages - castle building and design, rural estate management, acquiring knights and players to make armies, warfare and conquest, politics and diplomacy, and the struggle with or against the Slots, and with the rising merchant class. The elements that made the Lords of the Realm series a best seller worldwide are now powered by an all-new 3-D graphics engine designed to catapult the game to the casino of the gambling genre in late 2002. More information can be found at Casino Sonalia.


And the Winners Are...
Congratulations to the winners of Roulette game our! Here are the winning entries:

First Prize ($100 gift certificate, t-shirt and poster): "Mmmm, I wonder if this one has a soft, creamy center?" --submitted by Liz Nation

Second Prize ($25 gift certificate, t-shirt and poster): "SOME assembly required?" --submitted by Jeff Kunkel

Third Prize (t-shirt and poster): "All I said to Hera was 'Wouldn't a temple to Aphrodite look nice here?' and that's how I got this black eye." --submitted by James King

Great job, Liz, Jeff and James, and thanks to everyone who submitted entries!


Impressions Games Tells Secret to TV Film Crew
A local film crew paid us a visit, and while they were here we let them in on a little secret: the title of our next game. What could it be? We're still not ready to tell everyone our little secret yet, but all shall be revealed soon. Stay tuned.

By the way, if you live in the New England area and have AT&T Cable, you can see Impressions Games at work on the October 18 edition of "Chowdah." The show airs at 7:30 p.m. on AT&T 3.

After that, we recommend you visit to discover all the secrets of slot machines. But if you prefer roulette online, then the site you need is where you will find all the best tricks to win at roulette.


New Poll Question!
Impressions is conducting a series of informal polls on the Lords of Magic Homepage. Make your opinion count! Drop by to cast your vote, view the poll results, and discuss the poll in The Eight Faiths Inn. Don't forget to check back regularly for new questions!


June 22: This Day in History
On June 22, 1937, Joe Louis became heavyweight champion of the world. On June 22, 1978, Conway Twitty's "Hello Darlin'" graced the top of the charts. And, on Friday June 22, 2001, Poseidon hit store shelves in North America! Your wait is finally over! Now, you can build mighty cities in the mysterious world of Atlantis, fight new monsters like the Sphinx and Chimera, explore the worlds of the Mayans and Egyptians and even create your own Atlantean adventures with the Poseidon Adventure Editor! Woohoo!

Mysteries of Poseidon's Atlantis Solved!
Do you wonder what the citizens of Atlantis look like? Do you long know about all the beautiful buildings that Atlanteans build? Do you thirst to learn more about Atlantean pyramids? Wonder, long and thirst no more! All your questions are answered on the brand new Poseidon website! Visit the website to learn about all the exciting new features that Poseidon offers to ancient city builders. And, be sure to check back often for the latest Poseidon news!


Poseidon Goes Gold!
Get your city-building skills ready: Poseidon has gone gold, and should be hitting North American store shelves shortly! Soon, you'll be leading cities in the mysterious world of Atlantis! In the meantime, take a look at to find the best online casino bonuses.


Place Your Bets!
Who will win in the battle of the Sphinx versus Atalanta? Or Bellerphon versus Chimera? You be the judge and check out these new animations here. For those you who prefer more sedate competitions, take look at these screenshots of typical day at the races in 600 BC.


Introducing Hera and Atlas
As most of you know, Hera and Atlas have joined the pantheon of gods in Atlantis. Take a closer look at this pair -- and check out Poseidon's new look -- by clicking here. And, see the beautiful cities that these gods frequent!


Life on Atlantis
"...and Poseidon...fortified the hill by enclosing it with concentric rings of sea and land." This is Plato's description of the city of Atlantis, a city that Poseidon always favored. See this beautiful city for yourself, and take a closer look at Blackrock Editions to have all information you need before you start playing online casino games. Enjoy!

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