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The Making of Zeus, Part III: The Grand Finale
The final part of our three part series, The Making of Zeus is now available for download!


The Making of Zeus, Part II: Zeus Unplugged
Did part I of The Making of Zeus leave you on the edge of your seat, yearning for more? Part II of The Making of Zeus is now available for download!


Zeus Is Ready for His Close-up, Mr. DeMille
Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a game company? Or how we come up with ideas for games? Your questions are answered in the video, The Making of Zeus. Click here to download the first part of this three part series.


Zeus Demo Available!
Face monsters, fight alongside heroes and encounter the gods by downloading the Zeus demo! Under your leadership, a Greek city will thrive! The demo offers just a taste of what you'll find in Zeus: Master of Olympus. Enjoy!


Zeus Goes Gold in Europe!
Zeus: Master of Olympus has gone gold in Europe and will soon be hitting store shelves! Celebrate by checking out the Geography of the Greek World, available in several different languages. The Geography tells you many of the things you need to know about the ancient world you'll be leading, from the resources available to the gods you'll encounter. Enjoy!


Zeus Has Descended From Mount Olympus!
That's right Zeus: Master of Olympus is now among us, and can be found at your local software retailers. In celebration of the game hitting the store shelves, the hard-working artisans of Greece have completed their work on the Zeus box. Check it out here!


Win Big With Rewards
Core rewards is a new Impressions program to reward our most ardent fans throughout the years. We’ve collected the coolest, unique, collectible memorabilia from our office, wrapped it, framed it, signed it, and made it available to you. For sale? No! For FREE! Click here to get in on the action.


Zeus: Master of Olympus Has Entered the Golden Age!
...which is just a fancy way of saying that Zeus has gone gold! Which is a fancy way of saying that Zeus is officially complete and will be appearing on store shelves in North America in a few weeks (the rest of the world will have to wait just a little longer)! So, dust off your city-building skills and prepare to cross paths with gods, monsters and heroes!


The Secrets of Zeus Revealed!
The mortals, gods and heroes of ancient Greece can hold their tongues no longer! Click here to hear what they have to say about life in the city, and be sure to check back every day to see what else is uncovered!

Does Working for Impressions Sound Like a Good Job?
We have an opening in our Audio Department for a Sound Designer and are now accepting resumes. If you have the skills, experience, and an ear for quality, then click here to find out more.


A Good, Clean Fight in Zeus
In this corner, we have Hydra, the many-headed beast of Lerna. He's mean, he's green and he's ready for action. In the other corner, we have Hercules, son of Zeus and the strongest man in all of Greece. Watch them duke it out by clicking here. While you're there, you can also watch Jason battle Talos, Hephaestus' man of bronze.


Look Who is Coming to Zeus!
We have posted several new in-game animations of the gods who will pay a visit or two to your cities in the near future! Click here to take a good look of the at some of the new characters who will call your city home.


Art Avalanche! (Zeus)
Once again, we have a whole new set of screenshots for you to feast upon! Make sure you also check out the Previews section to see a movie of actual in-game action.


Fresh Batch of Zeus: Master of Olympus Art!
That's right, another Friday is upon us, which means we have posted a bunch of brand new Zeus art. Keep on checking back, because you never know when we'll post more new and never-before-seen features from Zeus. You can see it all by clicking here.


More Zeus Goodies!
We've got another batch of Zeus art and movies for your viewing pleasure. Make sure you keep on checking back here every week for never-before seen screenshots, art, movies and all sorts of other surprises.


The New Zeus: Master of Olympus Website
Check out the latest Zeus screenshots, concept art, behind-the-scenes information, previews of the game as well as interact with fellow fans and the game developers on the message boards and a real-time chat area!


Today begins the second round of beta test sign-ups. Those who already applied should not apply again or they may be disqualified. The second round is hosted by Up to several hundred people will be selected to receive a pre-release build of the game for testing and evaluation. Click this link to their site and follow the instructions on the page.


We're Looking For a Few Good Testers!
That's right, the Zeus Beta Test has finally arrived! We are now accepting applications for people who want to help us make Zeus the best game yet in the City-Building series. If you have the right stuff, we will contact you in the near future with with details of the beta test program. You can start the application process by clicking here.


Say Hello to Cleopatra!
Your wait is over, North America! Cleopatra has been spotted on store shelves, and some folks have already eagerly snapped up their copy! Patience, Europe. Cleopatra will be paying a visit to you very soon!


Cleopatra Gone Gold!
Get ready to fight tomb robbers, endure plagues and build the wonders of the world! Impressions Games, in conjunction with BreakAway Games, is pleased to announce that Cleopatra has gone gold and should be hitting store shelves in a few weeks. While you wait, why not check out Pharaoh's "lost tracks"? These never-before-released songs are sure to get you in a monument-building mood!


What Have We Here?
Why, it's more Cleopatra screen shots! See what the Queen of the Nile has in store for you by clicking here.


The Wonders of Cleopatra's Egypt
Four new Cleopatra screenshots are ready for your viewing pleasure! Take a look at some of the Wonders of the Ancient World that you'll build, and get another taste of bustling city life. Enjoy!


A Thunderbolt has Struck!
The premier issue of Thunderbolt, the official Zeus newsletter, has arrived! Make sure you don't miss out on the action by signing up here for future editions. In the meantime, you can check out the first issue of Thunderbolt, including some brand-new screen-shots and art work, by following this link.


Pharaoh Olympics!
That's right, the Olympic Games aren't just happening in Australia this year, they are also being held in Egypt! Head on over to Pharaoh Heaven for the full details on how you too can go for the gold!


E3 Part II: The Revenge
Now that we've survived E3 and regained use of our senses, we have a few more behind-the-scenes photos of E3. Zeus was extremely well-recieved and generated quite a bit of excitement. You can check out the photos here.


E3: Kind of Like Vegas, But without the Gambling
E3 is in full swing, and the Zeus booth in hopping. Impressions Games' very own Itchy has sent back a cadre of photographs, giving you an inside look at the E3 experience. Check out the photos!


Rome Around the World
The Emperor, glass of wine in hand, looks out over the fine city. "I'll call this city Rome," the Emperor says, "Rome, New York." So, where's your Rome? Let us know which country you call home.

Where do you Rule?
The Pyramids of Paris? Mastabas in Montana? Sphinxes in Spain? Click here and let us know where you live.


A Thunderbolt Is Coming Your Way!
The first issue of Thunderbolt, the official Zeus newsletter, will be released within the next two weeks! Be sure to sign up to get the latest updates on the game's features from Zeus' development team. Click here to sign up!


Introducing Zeus: Master of Olympus
Impressions Games is pleased to announce the latest entry in the City-Building Series, Zeus: Master of Olympus. Zeus: Master of Olympus is a game of politics and trade, gods and heroes, immersing the player into the mythology and daily life of ancient Greece. Players will build legendary city-states like Athens and Sparta and guide their evolution by building colonies, invading or trading with neighbors, by attracting heroes to rid the countryside of monsters, or even calling on the gods themselves to help keep the mortals in check. Check the official Zeus: Master of Olympus site for more information.


Last of the Red Hot Cheat Codes
We have three more codes for your cheating pleasure. First, bring up the cheat dialog box by pressing CTRL+ALT+C.  Then, type Big Dave and Ptah will destroy some of your industrial buildings.  Type in Grenow and one of your Storage Yards will be destroyed.  Ptah must be worshiped in the city for the Big Dave and Grenow cheats to work.  Finally, type in Spirit of Typhon and Seth will strike down some of the next invaders foolish enough to set foot in your city.  Seth must be worshiped in the city for this cheat code to work.  The cheat code well is now dry; all the cheat codes have been released.


Your Cheatin' Heart...
...will make you weep. Or, it might make you gleefully jump up and down, depending on which of this week's cheats you choose to use. First, make sure that Bast is worshiped in your city. Then, hold down CTRL+ALT+c to bring up the cheat dialog box. Type in Meow and Bast will throw a festival in honor of all the gods. Type in Cat Fight and some of your best houses will be destroyed - how CATastrophic!


Hurrah for Ra!
This week's cheats are brought to you courtesy of Ra, God of the Kingdom.  Bring up the cheat dialog box by pressing ctrl+alt+c.  Then, type in Sun Disk to raise your Kingdom Rating and earn the admiration of your compatriots.  Or, type in Mesektet and watch your reputation plummet.  

Interview at Pharaoh Heaven
Pharaoh Heaven, the biggest fan site for all things Pharaoh, recently managed to score a few moments with Impressions Games and Breakaway Games to get a little more detail on the recently announced Pharaoh Official Expansion: Cleopatra. Check out the full text.


Queen of the Nile Reigns Again
Cleopatra will make her triumphant return to the shores of the Nile in a new Pharaoh Expansion Pack!! Slated to hit the stores this summer, the Expansion Pack will offer four new campaigns, more buildings and walkers, and plenty of other new fun features. Check out our new Cleopatra web site for more details.

Pharaoh Enhancement Pack Ready for Download!!!
Yes, it's here: the Pharaoh Enhancement Pack is now available for download. The Enhancement Pack includes many new features such as more custom missions, better feedback on monument construction and -- oh, yeah -- the Mission Editor! Happy downloading!!


Osiris' Flood Plain Follies
Farming on the flood plain can be an unpredictable business -- unless you use this week's cheat codes!  Type in Life from Death and flood plain farms will harvest double.  To destroy flood plain farms, type in Underworld.  Please note: Osiris must be worshiped in your city for these cheats to work.


Pharaoh's Wild Kingdom
Hippos: are they fierce killers or gentle giants? With this week's cheat codes, we give you a chance to find out. Press CTRL+ALT+C to bring up the cheats dialog box, and type in Hippo Stomp. Soon, these glorious creatures will be rampaging through your city, crushing anyone who gets in their way. For the softer side of the hippo, type in Side Show. You'll be surprised at their grace and agility! Enjoy!!


A Whole Lotta Cheatin' Goin' On
You asked and you asked, then you asked again. Well, ask no more (please, we're begging you): we've got your cheat codes here! Simply hit CTRL+ALT+C and type in the code exactly as it appears on this site. Ill-gotten gains or sudden catastrophe will soon be yours.

But wait, there's more! Check back here every Friday for more cheat codes. You won't be able to find these cheats anywhere else!! We'll keep posting them here every Friday until we're fresh out!


More Winners!
The winner of the Henen-nesw contest mission is Andrew Hoshkiw! His fine city is now available for viewing through the Eye of Ra.

A pat on the back and a boisterous "huzzah" go to Donald Irvine, our Grand Prize winner. His extremely well-designed cities taught some of us here at Impressions a thing or two about city-building!! Congratulations, winners, and thanks to all who participated!


All Hail the Mighty Pharaoh!
Congratulations are due to Mark Faulkner, winner of the Empire contest mission. Mark's city featured nearly perfect ratings and was very well-designed. See his impressive city through the Eye of Ra!!

The winner of the final contest mission, Henen-nesw, and the Grand Prize winner will be announced next week. A hearty thank you goes to all who submitted entries. You made the contest a great success!


Official Announcement
There are a lot of rumors floating around regarding Pharaoh Mac. Not everything you read should be believed. This is the full and only official statement from Impressions Games and Sierra Studios on the subject.

After much consideration, Impressions Games(TM) must announce the cancellation of our Macintosh version of Pharaoh(TM). We know this will disappoint our loyal Mac fans, no more so than us, but sales of our Mac titles no longer justify the development costs of doing Mac games. [Full statement]

Everybody Likes You! They Really Like You... least that's your goal in this week's contest mission, Henen-nesw. In addition to earning a Kingdom Rating of 100, you must make Henen-nesw the hippest, most happenin' city in all of Egypt. As usual, a bevy of baubles awaits the winner, including a Pharaoh t-shirt and the official soundtrack, Music to Build Pyramids By. And of course, the Eye of Ra will turn its attention toward the winning city. Click here to download the mission. Good luck!


Phastest Pharaoh Phoils Phoes
Congratulations are due to Andrew Antoniewicz, winner of the Bridges contest mission!! He completed the Obelisk in just 89 months. Click here to see Andrew's city through the Eye of Ra, and find out just how he managed to build a city on all those little islands.


This Week's Contest: Striking a Balance
In this week's contest, the civil war has just ended, but unrest still plagues Egypt. You must find a way to respond to requests from cities loyal to you while rebuffing repeated threats of rebellion from cities who do not respect your new-found power. Meanwhile, you must construct a Pyramid Complex at your new capital at Itjtawy and meet the needs of your people. Balance your attention among these competing interests, and success will be yours. Download this week's mission. A treasure trove of prizes, which includes a Pharaoh t-shirt and soundtrack, not to mention the attention of the Eye of Ra, is yours for the taking.


Drum Roll Please...
The winner of Enkomi is Alan Chow!! Alan completed his beautiful city well within the time limit. Check out his city through the Eye of Ra. Congratulations, Alan!


Last One to Finish the Obelisk is a Rotten Egg
Your challenge in this week's contest mission is to build an obelisk as fast as you can. If you dilly-dally, pharaoh will invade your city. Download the mission by clicking here and get cracking! A Pharaoh t-shirt and Music to Build Pyramids By (the official Pharaoh soundtrack) await the winner! And, the Eye of Ra is eager to look upon a fine, quickly-built obelisk.


The Envelope, Please..., Part I
The winner of the Shaat mission is Brad Bailey! After much wrangling and heated exchanges, the judges selected Brad's well-designed, nearly problem-free city. Take a look at it through the Eye of Ra. Congratulations, Brad!

The Envelope, Please..., Part II
The winner is Pharaoh!! Pharaoh earned the prestigious Wargamer Award for Excellence. Wargamer bestows this award only when its entire staff of forty contributors agrees unanimously that a title is one of the best gaming titles in the war, strategy, history or military simulation genre. We at Impressions are quite pleased and very honored.

Pharaoh also cleaned up on the Strategy Shrine awards, and we have our fans to thank. Thanks to you, Pharaoh was voted the Strategy Game of the Year. It also won awards for Best Storyline, Best Intro, Best Gameplay, Best Single Player and Best Music and was runner up for Best Graphics and Best Sound Effects. Thanks to everyone who voted for Pharaoh!!


This Week's Contest: It's Mostly About Speed
In this week's contest, your challenge is to establish a city at Enkomi, in Cyprus. As pharaoh, you are personally overseeing the city's establishment. The people of Egypt, however, won't tolerate your absence for long. This week's fabulous prizes include a Pharaoh t-shirt and Music to Build Pyramids By, the official Pharaoh soundtrack. And, the Eye of Ra will focus on the winning city.


Take Your Best Shaat at This Week's Contest Mission
Establishing a flourishing city at Shaat won't be easy. If you aren't busy handling yet another Hyksos invasion, you'll be preoccupied with meeting your citizens' increasing demands. Download this week's contest mission by clicking here. As usual, the winner will receive a cadre of prizes, including a Pharaoh t-shirt and Music to Build Pyramids By, the official Pharaoh soundtrack. Plus, the winning city will be proudly displayed in the Eye of Ra.

And the winner is...
We were very impressed with both the quantity and quality of entries in our City Building contest. We first narrowed down the selection to 4 finalists and studied them for a long time to pick the winner. Although all the entries were fantastic, with palatial estates and beautiful decorations, it finally came down to which city we would want to live in. The winning city had a great layout, low unemployment, perfect services coverage and more. Hearty congratulations go to Donald Irvine for being our first winner. Click here to see the winning city in the Eye of Ra! If you didn't win, don't despair, there are plenty more opportunities to impress the gods.


See with the Eyes of an Egyptian God...
...with our new "Eye of Ra" city viewer! With the "Eye of Ra," you can zoom in for a closer look at a favorite detail or zoom out to see the entire city. Ra, being a god, is very choosy about which cities he elects to gaze upon. You cannot force Ra to look at your own cities, nor can you download the "Eye of Ra" for your own use. But, Ra tends to have very good taste, so check this web site often to see which cool city has caught his eye.

Enter the Pharaoh City-Building Contest and Win!
Think you've developed some high-quality pharaonic skills, do you? Find out by entering the Pharaoh contest! This week's challenge: the Small Oasis. Juggle the needs of your citizens with the demands of industry and build a thriving city in this harsh, arid environment. Click here to read the contest's rules and regulations and to download this week's contest mission. The winner receives a Pharaoh t-shirt and the Pharaoh soundtrack CD, Music to Build Pyramids By. The winning city will also be displayed in the "Eye of Ra" city viewer. Entries must be submitted by 12:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on December 23, 1999. Check back here next week for a new challenge. Good Luck!


New Pharaoh Forums Unveiled
Pharaoh fans now have three brand new and improved forums to post questions and comments. The forums are:

How Is It Said in the French? Ah, Oui, Pharaon!, we mean Pharaon billboards have been popping up here and there across the French countryside. Not fortunate enough to live in France? Check out the billboards by clicking here. C'est bon!!


Download the Updated Pharaoh Demo
A new and improved version of the demo is now available for download. While the new demo's missions are the same as the previous demo, it shares more features with the full game than the original demo did, including fully-enhanced feedback. The new demo has also been streamlined for quicker download. To make downloading it even easier, we are offering two options: you can download the demo in one fell swoop or download it in three smaller chunks. The demo will give you just a hint of the fun to be had in the full game. Enjoy!


Pharaoh Chat
Impressions Games today announced they will be hosting an online chat just as Pharaoh, Impressions' strategic city-building game, becomes widely available at retail outlets nationwide. The chat will be held Thursday, November 4th at 10pm EST and will allow fans and press to find out everything that they ever wanted to know about Pharaoh, the PC title by the creators of the award winning Caesar series.

Several key Impressions personnel will be participating in the chat, including Chris Beatrice, designer of Pharaoh, Art Director Darrin Horbal, Q/A Manager Jon Payne, and Producers Greg Sheppard and Ken Parker.


Pharaoh Goes Gold!!
Get your crook and flail ready, your wait is almost over! Pharaoh has gone gold, and soon your dynasty will guide Egypt from a meager string of small settlements to an unmatched world power. Keep a watch on your local game store shelves for Pharaoh's appearance.


A New Glimpse of Egypt
The obelisk stretches toward the sun, commemorating past glory and instilling hope in the hearts of all who see it for an equally glorious future. One day very soon, this obelisk may grace your own Egyptian city. Click here for the latest images from Pharaoh.


Music to Wait By
Pharaoh's release inches closer every day. Soon, you will lead your family to greatness, conquering foes, mastering the Nile, and building impressive monuments. In the meantime, check out the latest Pharaoh tune here.


Download the Pharaoh Demo
The Pharaoh demo is available for download! Click here to transport yourself back to ancient Egypt. Enjoy the sights and sounds of this magnificent culture, and lead your family to greatness. The demo offers just a hint of what you can expect in the full version of Pharaoh. Enjoy!


Scenes from an Egyptian City
Harvest time is near, and the peasants in the field survey their acreage, thick with healthy crops. Osiris has indeed been kind again this year. Meanwhile, jugglers hone their craft and learn new tricks in the hopes of bringing joy to the city's residents. See these Egyptian scenes for yourself in a pair of new screenshots by clicking here.


Pharaoh Beta Tester Sign-Up Period Closed
The sign-up period for applying to become a Pharaoh beta tester has closed. No more applications will be accepted at this time.

We extend our gratitude to all who applied. Judging by the overwhelming response, many of you are just as excited about Pharaoh as we are.


Pharaoh Beta Test Time Is Here
Finally, one of the most frequently asked questions is answered: it's time to beta test Pharaoh. Beta testing, however, is not all fun and games, and the rewards are few. You must be prepared to spend a huge amount of time testing Pharaoh, and you must be able to clearly and succinctly articulate any problems you encounter.

If you think you are up to the challenge, submit an application to become a Beta Tester by clicking here. Impressions will accept applications between August 13 and August 20. If you are selected to be a beta tester, you will be notified via e-mail. Good Luck!


Chat Rescheduled
For technical reasons Alex Rodberg, Brand Manager of Impressions Games was unable to attend last night's event. Fortunately, Alex has been able to reschedule for today, Tuesday, August 10th at 8:00 pm pacific.


Caesar III-Mac Chat Tonight
Do you have a burning question about Rome? Your chance to ask is tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern standard time at A representative from Impressions will be on hand to discuss Caesar III. Don't miss it!


Caesar III, Pharaoh, and Impressions Games earn Sierra an award at MacWorld.
Impressions Games was once again a source of pride for its parent company Sierra, as IMG gave it the coveted "Most Enthusiastic About the Mac, For a PC Company" award based on Impressions Games' showing at MacWorld. Both Caesar III, which had recently shipped, and Pharaoh, which was announced for a simultaneous PC/MAC release, were very warmly received at the show, drawing crowds of consumers and press to the Impressions Games booth. Caesar III is the first Mac title published by Sierra Studios, but Impressions Games is no stranger to the Apple - the entire Caesar series is available for the Mac, as well as Lords of the Realm 2. Impressions Games was the only Sierra developer to show products at MacWorld.


Employment Opportunities at Impressions
Impressions Games is currently seeking a PC Games Producer that has been around the gaming industry block a time or two. If you are that unique combination of iron-willed taskmaster and barrel of laughs that thoroughly enjoys deadline pressure, then there may be a place for you at Impressions Games. Click here for more details.

FRIDAY JULY 2nd 1999

From the Impressions archives
Deemed “A true gem of a game” and showered with such lavish praises as “Caesar will never leave our hard drive” - Computer Game Review, the original Caesar first appeared in stores in 1993 on five separate 5¼” floppy disks (remember those!?). With “more than 20 buildings to construct!” - original Caesar box back, and lush VGA graphics (!), this Impressions classic offered city building aficionados their first chance to test their mettle as governor of a Roman city. Six years and 64,000 colors later, our fans are still enjoying the Impressions City Building Series with Caesar II, Caesar III and soon Pharaoh will continue this tradition. Now, step back in time to the first century A.D., and to 1993 with your free copy of the one, the only, the original, Caesar!

This download is free! But with freedom comes responsibility. Caesar is an unsupported program, so on the chance that you run into problems, you'll be on your own. We're not worried though -- we know you'll be fine.

Download the game here (800k)

Installation Instructions (install.pdf) & Manual (caesar_manual.pdf) - "shift click" on file links to download.

You'll need to have an Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer (available at to read the manual and the new installation instructions.

Impressions Games Seeks In-House Tester
Mature, detail-oriented individual sought by Impressions Games for temporary full-time testing position. Responsible for testing, evaluation, reporting on and failure analysis of strategy games. Must be able to articulate testing work in a clear, precise, and constructive manner. Windows experience and a strong interest in PC games is essential. Professional game testing experience a plus. Please note that the position requires the applicant to work in-house at our Cambridge, MA site.

Go to our "Employment Opportunities at Impressions" page for more information.

FRIDAY JUNE 25th 1999

New and Improved Pharaoh Web Site
The Pharaoh web site has a brand new look. Chock full with information, it's the definitive site for all things Pharaoh. Check it out at

If Only Life Had a Soundtrack This Good
A new tune from Pharaoh is now available for download. Called Osiris, the song evokes the mystery of this ancient Egyptian god. Shift-Click here to download the tune.

MONDAY JUNE 14th 1999

Movie Time
Can't wait to see what ancient Egypt will look and sound like? Get a better idea by downloading the Pharaoh preview. The preview provides a hint of the grandeur and glory that is Pharaoh.

The download is available in two sizes. The high band-width version of the preview offers impeccable quality, but it will probably take a few hours to download. The low band-width version of the preview is quicker to download, but the quality isn't quite as good as the high band-width version (though it's still quite good).

More previews of Pharaoh are yet to come. Keep checking back here for more peeks at Pharaoh!

Live Pharaoh Chat!
Here's your chance to ask those burning questions about Pharaoh directly. On Thursday, June 17, at 7 p.m. EST, members of the Pharaoh design team will be available to answer questions. The press will have first crack at the design team, but everyone is welcome to sit in and read the answers. Then, everyone will have a chance to ask those questions you've been longing to ask. Simply go to or to in room #Impressions through IRC. The chat is scheduled to last two hours, so plan accordingly!


Caesar III-Mac Release Imminent
After months of eager anticipation, the moment that Mac users have been waiting for is almost here! Caesar III for the Mac will hit stores very shortly. To be sure all you Mac users are prepared, follow these easy steps:

1. Call friends and family now. Once the game is out, you'll be too busy governing mighty cities to contact them.
2. Stock up on food and other needed supplies. Don't let little inconveniences like hunger distract you from pursuing your destiny of ruling the Roman empire.
3. Bone up on Latin to make the game even more authentic.

FRIDAY JUNE 4th 1999

Senior Game Designer Wanted
Impressions is looking for an experienced game designer, someone who has been through the hell of development and come out the other side smiling. Above all, we are looking for a senior person with a strong technical and creative skill set who loves strategy games.

Go to our "Employment Opportunities at Impressions" page for more information.

MONDAY MAY 24th 1999

...But Shouldn't That Be the Large Emperor Award?
The Caesar III introduction has won 3D Design Magazine's Big Kahuna award in the interactive 3D category, recognizing Impressions' innovative creative vision. With awards like this, Impressions' reputation for top-notch graphics will continue to grow. Accolades and plaudits to the Impressions Art Department for a job well done!

MONDAY MAY 17th 1999

First Taste of Rome for Macintosh Users
Macintoshers, your time has arrived. A demo version of Caesar III is now available for download from our Mac-Games site. The demo provides a slice of the excitement and challenges Caesar III offers. Enjoy!


Contest winner accounced
We have a winner and a history lesson! Find out who the lucky 500,000th visitor to the Caesar III web site is, and find out about his historic home.

FRIDAY APRIL 23rd 1999

All Great Citizens Need Access to a Library...
...and that's just what you'll get if you are our lucky 500,000th visitor to the Caesar III web site. The winner will receive a library of Impressions Games: Civil War Generals 2, Lords of Magic: Special Edition and Pharaoh (once it's released). Keep visiting the web site -- you never know when fortune may smile upon you.


Caesar III Nominated for Prestigious Award
The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) has nominated Caesar III for Strategy Game of the Year. Joining Caesar III in the running are Alpha Centauri and Sim City 3000. The awards will be handed out on May 13th at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Congratulations are due to everyone who helped to make Caesar III a succcess. For more information on the awards, visit AIAS' web site at

Caesar III Olympics Due to Begin is sponsoring a Caesar III tournament.

FRIDAY APRIL 16th 1999

The Caesar III Web Site will soon welcome its 500,000th visitor. If that visitor is you, Impressions will award you an exciting prize package that Caesar III players are sure to love. Check back here for more details on the prize package and keep your fingers crossed. The lucky visitor could be you!


As promised, Impressions has one more Lords of Magic: Special Edition cheat for you, and it's a hot one. Hit CTRL+C to bring up the cheat screen, and type "zilla". You will now have a dragon, perfect for smiting your enemies, inspiring awe amongst your followers, or starting that pesky charcoal grill that just won't light. You can use a dragon in one battle only, but there's nothing stopping you from using the "zilla" command over and over and over. You'll be virtually unstoppable!


Are your mages just not learning spells fast enough? Is running out of ale costing you followers? Were you born to run, but just don't have the movement points? Impressions has come to your rescue. Hit CTRL+C to bring up the cheat screen, and try the following codes:

Type "all spells" and you will know all spells in all faiths
Type "bingo" and you will receive 200 of each resource
Type "Go far" and the selected party will be granted 1000 movement points

These cheats are case sensitive, so type carefully.

And don't forget to check back on Friday for a really hot cheat!


For you Macintosh devotees, Impressions now has a site listing our Mac offerings, complete with plenty of opportunities for your feedback. Click on the "Mac-Games" button to check it out.

FRIDAY MARCH 19th 1999

Like all good things, our Caesar III musical offerings must now come to an end. Today we offer our final selection, a musical piece entitled, 'Hail'.


Impressions Software offers free game enhancement package for European users of Caesar 3!

FRIDAY MARCH 12th 1999

We are pleased to announce that Impressions' long and arduous search for a Writer has met with great success, and we will soon be welcoming a new team member to the fold! Many thanks to all of you who so enthusiastically applied for this position. You should all know that the competition for this job was extremely tough, and we had a very talented group of applicants to choose from (which doesn't make it any easier I'm afraid, but we wouldn't have it any other way).

Chris Beatrice
General Manager
Impressions Software


Today's selection of Caesar 3 music is entitled "Dirt Roads", and is now available for immediate download.


This week's selection of the Caesar III soundtrack is now available for download - this one entitled, "Marchis Maximus"


Sneak Peek!
Would-be rulers of ancient Egypt, now feast your eyes on the first of many Pharaoh screenshots!

  • Have you enjoyed the music in Caesar III, but wished you could listen to it outside of the game? Well then, you're in luck! Impressions is now making the Caesar III music available in CD quality, MP3 format for personal use - absolutely free and ready for immediate download! Check back, as we will be adding a new tracks of music weekly.

    FRIDAY FEBRUARY 12th 1999

  • The final two LOM themes, for the Death and Water faiths, are now available for immediate download. Be sure to check back next week for something new!


  • Computer Games Online has just published a brief preview on Pharaoh - Check it out here

  • Two more selections of music from LOM are available in MP3 format for your listening pleasure! These latest offerings include the Earth and Life themes.

    FRIDAY JANUARY 29th 1999

    Two more selections of music from the Lords of Magic soundtrack are now available for download in MP3 format - This week we offer two enchanting compositions from the Order and Fire faiths. Be sure to check back next week for more!

    FRIDAY JANUARY 22nd 1999

    For your listening pleasure, you can now download music from the Lords of Magic soundtrack in MP3 format. Check back every week for additional musical offerings.

    TUESDAY JANUARY 19th 1999

  • Just uploaded - Caesar III Technical FAQ!


    Impressions Software announced today two key titles in development for 1999: Pharaoh, the next installment in Impressions' award-winning City Building Series and Civil War Generals 3, the follow-up to the best-selling Civil War game series. These games continue the distinguished lineage that Impressions is recognized for industry-wide in the strategy and combat game genres. Both products are due to be in retail stores this Fall.

    FRIDAY JANUARY 8th 1999


    Just when the provincial governors of the Caesar III Roman Empire thought life couldn't possibly get any better, Impressions Software is rewarding them yet again for their heroic work and loyalty. Released today, the Caesar III game enhancement package will add another level of intrigue and challenge to this hugely popular strategy game and will even further enhance the spectacular real-time city building and management experience. It is available FREE via download from our site.

    The new enhancement package will enrich Caesar III in a variety of ways: the game will now feature 5 difficulty levels - very easy, easy, normal, hard, very hard. Players will have the option to turn off events caused by gods and there will be an option to delete saved games from within the game. Additionally, right clicking on market traders and buyers will display where they are coming from, where they are going and what supplies they are carrying. We've added more hot keys and wolves are displayed on the radar map; players are able to kill sheep and zebras (which often block construction), if they are so inclined.


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