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About Impressions Games

Impressions began in 1991 with just a handful of programmers and artists, and the determination to establish itself as the premier developer of quality strategy games for the PC.

Now with eight years and over 40 titles under our belts we've grown into a seasoned team of forty talented, and most importantly dedicated designers, producers, programmers, artists, animators, musicians, sound designers and play testers, all committed to creating the finest strategy games in the world. We strive to give our games enough depth and detail to satisfy even the most avid veteran gamers, while at the same time making them easy to learn, and accessible to gaming enthusiasts of all levels.

We've been making great strategy games for quite a while now and we think we're getting pretty good at it!

Job opportunities at Impressions Games:

PC GAMES Producer - Senior Game Designer

PC GAMES Producer - top

Impressions Games, a leader in the strategy games market, is looking for a seasoned games producer.

Required qualifications: A love of gaming, initiative, very strong organizational and communication skills, team play, ability to work under pressure deadlines and some game industry experience.

Helpful Qualifications: Hardware and PC Operating Systems familiarity; strong technical background. Word, Excel and Project. Working knowledge of project management and product development processes. Trouble shooting skills.

Job Description: Producer's strict responsibility is to coordinate the effort of the product's entire development and QA staff through the assignment of all tasks, while alerting senior management to anything that potentially threatens the successful and cost effective completion of the project. As project contact you will often represent the product and design team to the public and other corporate entities.

Further duties include providing 'end user perspective' with respect to difficulty, interface, learning curve, user friendliness, intuitiveness of use and closeness to original concept.

The producer may also engage in production design work such as level design/creation, map making, etc.

Please fax or send resume and cover letter (no calls please) to:

General Manager
Impressions Games/Sierra On-Line
222 Third St. - Suite 4100
Cambridge, MA 02142
fax: 617-225-0993

Wanted: Experienced Senior Game Designer - top

Impressions Games, developers of Caesar 3 and Pharaoh, and the Lords of the Realm, Lords of Magic and Civil War Generals series is looking for an experienced game designer. We want someone who has been through the hell of development and come out the other side still smiling.

Above all, we are looking for someone with a strong technical and creative skill set who loves strategy games.

We want a person who can take a game from its initial vision through research, concept, interface and on-going design and bring it to a successful completion; coupled with a thoroughness and strength of resolve to prevent design drift and enforce high concept vision.

This person needs to manage and motivate developers and instill a "whatever it takes" mentality in all members of the project team.

Strong written and verbal communications skills are important along with a good understanding of graphics implementation issues, experience designing AI, and the ability to identify and develop core fun elements in a game's design.

That's all.

If you think you are up to this monumental task, please mail or fax (617-225-0993) your resume with cover letter to: General Manager, Impressions Games, 222 Third Street - Suite 4100, Cambridge, MA 02142. No phone calls please.